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The Jockey cam is an elaborate set up that has to be hooked up to the main broadcasting studios mixer/distributor.

A receiver will be located in the studio which receives all the transmissions of the jockey cams from each respective jockey similar to F1 model. But instead of the camera being installed in the race car like F1, this will be a lightweight LED camera attached to the jockey’s helmet to get a Point-of-view perspective.

To avoid copyright infringement, the innovation is hereby renamed J-viewcam.

Assembly Parts of The J-ViewCam
The Jockey cam for the horse racing industry


Material : ABS

Color : White

Size: 60*55*20mm

Advanced scanning frequnecy improves the technology, refresh rate can be easily switched between 60Hz to 75Hz. The image will not be deformed.
Automatic identification resolution. The function of denoising makes the image clear and stable.

Foxeer razer 4-25v

Multi-mode : Day/Night/LED/B&W

Voltage : 4-25v

Size: 14xmm x 14mm x 10mm/ 0.55in x 0.55in x 0.39in

Weight: 5g/0.18oz


Frequency : 5.8g

Power Input : 7.4-16v (3S Lipo suggested)

Transmitting Power : 600mA

Antenna Gain : 2 db

Working Current : 220mA at 12v

Video Format : NTSC/PAL Auto

Video Bandwidth : 8M

Weight : about 22g

Dimension : 54mm x 32mm x 10mm (excluding antenna)

Connector : Transmitter module side RP-SMA jack, antenna RP-SMA plug


Button Instruction and Frequency channel table
Receiver RC832H parameters

Short press the button “FR” to choose 1 2 3 4 5 6 frequency group.

Short press the button “CH” to choose 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 frequency channel.

Long press the button “FR” or “CH” to auto search frequency channel.

Operating frequency: 5.8GHz

RF point: 48 points

Voltage input: 8~26V

Working current: 200mA maximum

Antenna impedance: 50 ohm

Antenna connector: receiving and transmitting module end RP-SMA jack antenna end RP-SMA plus

Antenna gain: 2db

Video impedance: 75 ohm

Video format: NTSC / PAL automatic

Video output: 2 way

Dimensions: 80 * 65 * 15mm

Receiving net weight: 48g